Thursday, July 23, 2009

Weekend Plans

1. This is the last weekend to catch Merry Wives of Windsor, TX and Taming of the Shrew at the Shakespeare Festival of Dallas.

2. Dive-In Movie Night at the Fairmont Hotel: Guests can watch the featured film while lounging in the pool or while sipping a cocktail and eating dinner on the patio.

3. Pop on over to the Craighead Green Gallery for the New Texas Talent 2009: From over 600 submissions they whittled it down to about 50 artists. The exhibit opens on Saturday.


Todd Camplin said...

Don't miss the CADD Lab show 'Launch' I think on Sept. 3rd is when the artists talk about the art in the show. One of your artists is in the show.

Four Squares Per Inch said...

Great, I'll remember to add that the weekly post!