Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SOL - Solutions Orientated Living in Austin - new sustainable housing development

I think we have all seen this song and dance before. Small modern development, add a dash of sustainability, tout affordability, houses under 2,000 square feet, etc. Look, I really want to buy into this idea, I really do. But call me jaded, I have been wanting something like this in Dallas for years and it hasn't happened. Sorry, Urban Reserve doesn't do it for me. Maybe us Dallasites haven't reached the tipping point yet for this to work. So SOL, prove me wrong.

Anyways, the houses do look pretty cool and if they accomplish everything they say they want to do on the website, Austin might be setting up a usable model for future developments.

Check out the SOL development here.

H/T to Apartment Therapy.

Posting will be sporadic this week. I am in San Juan, PR for work - really it is not as exciting as it sounds. Back to regularly scheduled programming next week.

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