Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let's do some demo!

That was said in my best Ty Pennington voice of course. The Architect and I are finally getting around to some home remodeling. The first stage is refinishing the living and dining room floors and hallway. We decided to rip up the carpet and nasty laminate flooring and do stained concrete floors.

Pictures of the progress so far:

The Night Before Demo:

Living room - everything that is blonde flooring is going, going, gone.

The dining room - blonde laminate be gone!

Don't get me started on my hatred for white berber carpet.

Day 1: Flooring and carpet removal

Remember a few years ago when the government asked Americans to stockpile plastic sheeting and duct tape in case of a chemical attack? That's what the house kind of feels like now.

Day 2: Patching and prepping the floor

It doesn't look like much, but the workers smoothed out the step and patched all the holes from the old carpet tacks that were on the floor before the previous owners laid the laminate flooring. Tomorrow the contractor will be staining with sealant to follow on Friday. So far the process has been incredibly smooth with no hang ups at all. I can't wait to see how the furniture looks on the new floors.

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