Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weekend Plans

1. Saturday get dolled up, put on your best mask and head to the Mardi Gras masquerade ball benefitting the Red Cross. Details here.

2. The Home Depot Expo near the Galleria is closing. If you have some home renovation needs now or in the future and want some high end stuff, you might be able to pick up a few deals. I will be looking for stainless steel apron front sinks, commercial style kitchen faucets and wine fridges.

3. Sunday grab your bike and go on a bike tour where you will retrace the last steps of Lee Harvey Oswald and get a workout while doing it. End with drinks in the Cliff.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Miscellaneous Ramblings

Things seen and heard recently:

1. The demise of Domino magazine. March is the last month it will be in print. A bit of a shame. It always had nice ideas and some darn good recipes as well.

2. KERA 90.1's Think show was all about community, culture, and urban design. From the website: "Can landscape architecture and urban design create public spaces that meet the needs of a diverse population? We'll explore the possibilities this hour with Karen Walz, Project Manager for Vision North Texas and Don Gatzke, Dean of UTA's School of Architecture." Listen to the podcast here.

3. Did anyone see Fringe last night and notice the music playing at the end of the show? That would be Denton's own Midlake and the song playing was "Bandits" off the album The Trials of Van Occupanther.

4. Re:Vision Dallas has their competition info up here. Fame and fortune could be yours if your project is selected. Hop to it my architecture friends - you know who you are. Submissions are due April 30, 2009. So if you end up on April 15th having to pay the tax man, this could be a way to do it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Woodall Rodgers Park

Way back when in 2006 the City of Dallas decided to put a park on top of Woodall Rodgers as a way to connect Downtown Dallas with Victory Park and Uptown.

According to D Magazine's Frontburner and the park's website, utility construction has just begun. You probably won't notice much in the coming months, but hey it is progress! I think the park will be a great addition to downtown and with all the brand spanking new buildings going up in the arts district, it is just one more reason to to live and work inside the bubble! Target date for park completion is 2011.

See pictures and all sorts of architect-ury stuff here.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The other glass house

New York Times has an article on the other Glass House by Philip Johnson, which is across the street of the one you are probably used to seeing.

Article and slide show here.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

At you can up load a picture and make it look exactly like the Shepard Fairey poster. Here, for your viewing pleasure is my one of my pooches, Molly.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Gone but not forgotten...

Work has me out of town so there will not be much posting, if any this week. I know, I need to get a's on the 2009 to do list. :)

I'll be back to posting next week!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weekend Happenings

1. Late Night at the DMA this Friday - go see Take Your Time - works by Olafur Eliasson.

2. Or if lasers light shows are more your thing, House of Blues has a laser show set to the music of Pink Floyd.

3. Cozy up to the outdoor fire pit at Times Ten Cellars and drink a glass of their new wine from their vineyard in Alpine, TX.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cutler Anderson Hardware

Architecture firm Cutler Anderson designs everything in their houses - even the hardware. Their hardware is now available to the public at Reveal Designs. I'm loving this door knocker.

Info about Cutler Anderson Architects here.

See the full hardware catalog here.

Image from Reveal Designs.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More on Dallas' Re:Vision

Dallas Observer's Unfair Park blog has an excerpt of an interview with Stacey Frost, one of the people behind Re:Vision and their purpose of the project in Dallas. Check it out here.

See the complete interview at Treehugger here.

Monday, January 12, 2009

What font are you?

A good Monday morning time waster - What Font Are you?

I am a "Times New Roman." Per the website: "Some call you timeless - others call you a snob. Either way, you're a class act all around. Just don't take yourself too seriously."

Yep, that about sums me up!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eero Saarinen

A brief video about Saarinen and the Cranbrook Academy of Art. Saarinen's father, Eliel Saarinen, was the first president of Cranbrook.

Tip of the hat to Grassroots Modern where I first saw the video.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Weekend Plans

1. Head down to UTD's Centraltrak Gallery in Exposition Park and see the Vicious Pink Exhibit. All the art is made using the color pink. Not my favorite color, but it could be interesting.

2. Recycle that Christmas tree and learn how to plant your own vegetable garden this Saturday at the Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park. After you are done, take a stroll through the largest collection of Art Deco architecture in the US.

3. Who knew Cheech was an art collector? Not me, that's for sure. Go see Cheech Marin's extensive collection of Chicano art at the Legoretta designed Latino Cultual Center and meet him Saturday afternoon at 4:00pm.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Modern Alarm Clocks

Alarm clocks tend to be the neglected item in the bedroom. We buy them for utilitarian needs - tell us the time, wake us up in the morning, maybe play a little music. So after you have bought your 500+ thread count organic cotton sheets, your platform bed made from FSC certified wood, sleek nightstands and a swanky reading lamp with a CFL bulb; don't forget to dress up that nightstand with a cool, little clock.

Here are my top picks:

Moonbeam Clock from L.L. Bean - it has a retro style that works both in MCM and modern homes. It slowly wakes you up with a blinking light and if that doesn't work, it has a bell alarm. It is also $39.50 - you can't beat the price.

Picture from L.L. Bean.

Wood Face Clock - the description doesn't say whether or not it has an alarm, but it made the list nonetheless. It is an LED clock sheathed in a thin wood veneer, so the numerals glow through the wood.

Get yours for $175.00 at Shop Fosters.

Picture from Shop Fosters.

Vers 1.5R iPod Alarm Clock - this is for the audiophile in your family. You can choose your wood case and each is made by hand.

Get yours for $199.00 at Design Public.

Picture from Design Public.

Clocky - the clock that runs away. The theory behind this clock is that after the alarm goes off it rolls off your nightstand and you have to get out of bed to chase it to turn it off. The result is your out of bed and in theory, awake. I would probably kill this clock the first morning I had it.

Clocky is available for $49.00 at A+R Store.

Picture from A+R Store.

And if money was no object, pick yourself up the Night Clock by George Nelson. If I was to own this clock, I would probably have to sleep on an air mattress with 50 thread count IKEA sheets to afford it. But a girl can dream.

The Night Clock is $411.95 at Lumens.

Picture from Lumens.