Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A good way to start the week...

Last night the Architect and I traveled outside the bubble to see some Irish guys play at this place called the Cowboys Stadium in this little town called Arlington. Ok, nothing about the previous sentence was just some guys in a so-called stadium in a little town. Yes, I was at the U2 concert at the gargantuan Cowboys Stadium in the sprawling suburb of Arlington. It. Was. Awesome.

Some really grainy pics from the concert below:

This is the claw/spaceship/stage. Word has it U2 had to pay 2 million dollars to Jerry to raise the jumbotron so the stage could fit inside the stadium.

Shots of the band doing what they do best.

The screen in the center descended down. Kinda looks like a rainbow pineapple.

Larry playing the bongos during a dance version "I'll Go Crazy if I Don't Go Crazy Tonight."

Oh, look the Zoo TV Baby from the Zoo TV Tour!

Bono had a light up jacket and a swinging lighted microphone. Trippy.

UPDATE: Hal Samples was at the concert last night and has a fabulous slide show here. Hey, Hal - any chance any of those pictures will be for sale?

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