Sunday, October 4, 2009

iPhone Apps

Some cool and usable iPhone apps:

Sherwin Williams Color Snap and Benjamin Moore Color Capture: Ever been somewhere and see a color you love and want that color to use in your own home? These apps will allow you to use a picture and then it will suggest a color that matches it and also provide coordinating and contrasting colors.

myPantone: The entire Pantone color library on your phone. It will let you create custom color palettes and share them online.

iHandy Level: Need to see if that picture you hung is straight? This free app will tell you.

Craigsphone: Craigslist for your iPhone. This would be useful for spending a day hitting garage sales and estate sales.

SwedeShop: Allows you to create lists and record bin numbers and aisle locations for items you want to purchase at IKEA. It also will tabulate your total cost so there is no sticker shock at the register.

Epicurious: At the store and don't know what to cook for dinner? This app lets you search through all of's food and drink recipies. It will also let you create shopping lists and give you step by step cooking instructions.

WhatTheFont: Out and about and see a sign with a font that you would like to use? Take a picture and this app will tell you what font it is.

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