Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Better architecture in a downturn?

So says local realtor and architecture buff, Douglas Newby over at his Dallas Architecture Blog. His basic point is that when the market is depressed there is less speculation and people are more inclined to build better homes with a focus on design and long lasting impact, rather than just to make a quick buck. It also helps that lot values decrease and more desirable properties become more affordable. Additionally he says that in a depressed market people will have better access to the best contractors, designers, etc.

Affordability could be a matter of degree. A million dollar-plus lot in Highland Park going for 800,000 is still going to be out of most middle class families budget. What is probably more important is that with less speculation, there are potentially far less teardowns and destruction of older homes of potential architectural significance. Nevertheless, he does point to some very nice houses designed by Antoine Predock and Steven Holl that were built during the last downturn.

Check out the eye candy and his argument here.

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