Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Modern Gift Giving

Looking for something unique to give to that special someone? Try these websites:

Etsy - Give the gift of handmade. You can find everything from jewelry to dog collars at this online marketplace.

Greener Grass Design - This place is based out of Houston with items from baby to adult.

Delight - A new item on special everyday. Sign up for their mailing list to be the first to know about new items.

Angela Adams - Not just rugs anymore. She now has tableware, pillows, textiles and purses. A girl can always use a new purse!

Hive Modern - Looking to spend big bucks on an iconic piece of modern furniture? This is the place to get it.

20x200 - Want to add to a friend's art collection? Check out 20x200. Limited edition of 200 prints at 20 bucks each.

Happy shopping!

1 comment:

Annabelle said...

Don't forget about They have really cool modern accessories like the Nelson Ball clock. I got one for my dad!