Sunday, August 24, 2008

Does the internet really need another blog?

Probably not. So why did I decide to populate the internet with another blog? The reasons (in no particular order);

1. I am a fan of mid-century modern architecture and modern design.

2. I think there is a lack of design blogs that focus on architecture and design in my corner of the universe - Dallas.

3. I need a hobby that is completely unrelated to my profession (law).

4. I wanted a place to share the renovations my husband (The Architect) and I are doing on our MCM home.

5. Some people might actually care what I have to say on things affecting architecture and design.

This will be a place for me to share with you interesting things concerning architecture and design, hopefully with a Dallas slant. You will also get my musings on other things such as music, cocktails, and whatever else might catch my interest at the moment. Occasionally, I will update you on the renovations I am making to the MCM home I share with the Architect. I hope to post daily, but if I am absent it is probably because I am traveling for work. Fridays will be devoted to the art of the cocktail and what your weekend plans should be.

One more thing. You might be wondering why I called this Quadrille. Squares are my favorite shape. End of story.


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