Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kitchen Renovation Week 2: Beams, Electrical and Plumbing

End of Week 2!
Week 2 saw more demolition and prep work for the replacement of the beam in the kitchen.  The walls we took out were load bearing so a new beam had to go in to span the space where the walls used to reside. Week 2 also electrical and plumbing.  Plumbing was inspected and approved this week and electrical should be approved in Week 3.  Next week should see drywall going up and some cabinetry by the end of the week.  Now let's get to some pictures!

Shoring walls are up.  
Nice mess of wires powering the rest of the house.
Right and left are shoring walls, middle is original wall.
Soon to be removed old beam

Old beam removed, old wiring still remains.
New beam is in and all old wiring is gone!
Can light fixtures.  Not the sexiest fixtures, but cheap and efficient.
Electrical boxes for the pendants. A preview here.
Electrical for the island had to be run through the foundation.
Re-sheathing of the second beam.

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