Monday, October 10, 2011

Odds and Ends

Here are some items that have been piquing my interest of late:

1.  A while back I read that Sprouts had pretty much committed to being one of the flagship anchors at the much anticipated but much delayed Lake Highlands Town Center (LHTC).  What was slowing the process down was that LHTC was looking for a co-anchor, which was rumored to be a pet store chain.  Well according to the Lake Highlands Advocate Magazine blog, Prescott Realty (the LHTC developer) says that they are "considering all alternatives to ensure the highest potential for a financeable project."  Was anyone from Prescott Realty at the Exchange Club's Oktoberfest two weekends ago?  That place was packed!  The people of Lake Highlands are dying for development.  Here's hoping the retail will finally get finalized so we can see some progress.

2.  Ok, well some progress is coming to the LHTC on the residential front.  It looks like construction could begin as early as November on the first 200 units of apartments as part of the mixed use development plan for LHTC.  Apartments are great.  But being able to walk out of those nice brand spanking new apartments to a grocer to pick up dinner, all without using a car would be even better!  See images of the future apartments here.

3.  Looks like some demolition will be coming soon to the shopping center at the corner of Audelia and Walnut Hill that was the former home of a Walmart Neighborhood Market.  That shopping center will be the future site a residential sub-division.  Home builders New Leaf, Highland Homes and Nobility Homes are the builders for the development.  Lots are about 9,000 sqft with the average home price being $700,000.00 (yikes!).  I've heard it will be a gated community and there will be a gate right at the end of Spring Branch which leads into White Rock Valley North.  I think a gated community is the wrong way to go.  Nothing says elitism like putting your homes behind gates and setting up a gate to keep out the folks from a neighboring subdivision.  A subdivision that has a blue ribbon school (White Rock Elementary), well maintained homes, and lots of friendly neighbors.  I hope the developer will reconsider that gate at the end of Spring Branch.  If we want to get development into Lake Highlands the residents all need to band together, not further divide ourselves into little enclaves.  I also hope there will be some modern construction since New Leaf is one of the builders.  If it is all turrets, french chateaus and faux Spanish, maybe a gate would be a good idea after all.

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