Friday, September 2, 2011

River Livers

Now doesn't that sound appetizing?  River livers are not a new food craze to hit Dallas.  It is apparently a new art installation coming to the Trinity River in 2012.

The eco-art collective Greenmeme is looking at Dallas for one of its "River Liver" installations.  From the Greenmeme website:

"The River Liver is an on-going investigation into the creation of constructed wetland sculptures that aim to raise awareness to water quality issues, water pollution and habitat loss. The sculpture's plants act as a filter, becoming a form of productive and protective infrastructure that actively break down some of the identified pollutants in the water."

Oh and these art pieces glow green at night. Neato.  More from Greenmeme:

"An LED "traffic light" would respond to changes in water quality. Navigators were encouraged to cast a River Liver off at it's new location, where it could attempt to remediate the lake. These illuminated the islands, experiment with translating water quality and a variety of other environmental data into coded light and color."

No word yet on what the Trinity River Liver will look like or where exactly it would be.  You can read a more in depth interview with the Greenmeme collective at Dangerous Minds and see pictures on the Unfair Park blog and at Greenmeme.

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