Friday, August 12, 2011

CLINK! Shaken vs. Stirred

In the recent version of Casino Royale, starring Daniel Craig, James Bond orders a Martini at the bar during a high stakes poker game. The bartender asks if he wants it shaken or stirred.
007’s response: “Do I look like I give a damn?”
Okay, we ALL thought he was going to say “shaken,” because in fact every other time he has given a damn. And you should too-but not just about Martinis.
Yes, normally 007 does prefer his vodka Martinis shaken, which is exactly the ONLY exception to the rule about whether to shake or stir a cocktail. Basically, if the drink contains fruit juice or egg/egg whites it is proper and acceptable to shake the drink. Any other drink, those made with spirits and modifiers only, should be stirred. And I would include the gin Martini in the “must stir” category, leaving only vodka as the exception.
Check out this video clip about the gin Martini if you don't believe me…

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