Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spring Art and Architecture Events

Mark your calendars for these art and architecture events:

Dallas Art Fair - April 8-10, 2011, preview gala April 7, 2011 at the F.I.G. Gallery. National and international galleries will be showcasing works from all over.

Dallas Design Fair - April 8-10, 2011, preview gala April 7, 2011, also at the F.I.G. Gallery. The is the first year for the decorative arts fair to be held in conjunction with the Dallas Art Fair. If there is Danish furniture there, you'd better get out of my way.

White Rock Home Tour - April 16-17, 2011, this annual home tour showcases the best in MCM residential architecture. Proceeds benefit Hexter Elementary School. According to their Facebook page, the organizers are still looking for a couple of homes. If you or someone you know lives in a rockin' MCM home, send them an email. Once we do a few more updates, I would love to submit our house for the tour.


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and suggesting the Fostoria search. I found something!

I didn't know we were neighbors. I'm in Fort Worth, and I love that your blog will keep me mindful of everything that's going on in the area. Last year, with all the best intentions, we let the White Rock Home Tour slip right past us.

Maybe we'll run into each other at some event soon.

Four Squares Per Inch said...

Glad you found some glasses! You should definitely make it out the White Rock Tour, the houses are always such an inspiration. The homeowners have taken such good care of their homes.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

We went the year before last and loved it. We intended to go again this year but dropped the ball somehow.