Sunday, March 21, 2010

Online research tools for MCM furniture

So you have bought some swanky MCM furniture and you want to learn more about the cool cat who designed it - where to go? Here are some useful links that give you a bit of insight into the designers and manufacturers that may have designed that piece you just picked up.

Lushpad - Besides being the all things MCM version of Craigslist, this site also have useful articles about MCM designers and manufacturers. Currently there are articles about how an Eames fiberglass chair is made and famous designer couples.

Herman Miller and Knoll - You can read designer biographies about new modern designers in addition to MCM designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson, and Alvar Aalto.

Wright 20 - Not only is there some serious eye candy on this sight, but if you are in the market for higher end and rare MCM pieces (think FLW, one of a kinds, etc.) this is a good place to see what the going rates are for pieces in the market. You can search their past auctions and purchase catalogs for upcoming auctions.

Apartment Therapy - Occasionally, they will have in depth posts about particular designers and trends. The best way to find these posts is to search by the designer or manufacturer's name in the search box.

1st Dibs - this mega site of all things furniture, design, and jewelry has multitudes of articles with designers, artists and the like. Search the "Creators" tab to view retrospectives on a selection of designers.

Google and Wikipedia - Basic I know, but you can usually find some basic information or links to blogs and forums that may be discussing that chair you are looking for or that credenza you just picked up.

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