Friday, May 8, 2009

The i-house

Apparently to be cool and modern when launching a new product you must put "i-" in front of your product. As annoying as that is, there are some interesting design ideas from Clayton Homes' new modern pre-fab homes. Clayton Homes is backed by financier Warren Buffett. Their schtick is that they can build a modern green pre-fab home for under $100,000.00.

Check out the website, take a tour of the homes, and create your own home here.

BTW, kudos to the Syracuse Airport for having free wi-fi. Now you only need a Starbucks and somewhere where I can buy a magazine . Or you could have at least posted a sign before security saying there was no amenities at the gates except for two vending machines. Yeah, I'm not bitter about wasting a week in upstate NY at all.

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