Monday, January 5, 2009

Modern Alarm Clocks

Alarm clocks tend to be the neglected item in the bedroom. We buy them for utilitarian needs - tell us the time, wake us up in the morning, maybe play a little music. So after you have bought your 500+ thread count organic cotton sheets, your platform bed made from FSC certified wood, sleek nightstands and a swanky reading lamp with a CFL bulb; don't forget to dress up that nightstand with a cool, little clock.

Here are my top picks:

Moonbeam Clock from L.L. Bean - it has a retro style that works both in MCM and modern homes. It slowly wakes you up with a blinking light and if that doesn't work, it has a bell alarm. It is also $39.50 - you can't beat the price.

Picture from L.L. Bean.

Wood Face Clock - the description doesn't say whether or not it has an alarm, but it made the list nonetheless. It is an LED clock sheathed in a thin wood veneer, so the numerals glow through the wood.

Get yours for $175.00 at Shop Fosters.

Picture from Shop Fosters.

Vers 1.5R iPod Alarm Clock - this is for the audiophile in your family. You can choose your wood case and each is made by hand.

Get yours for $199.00 at Design Public.

Picture from Design Public.

Clocky - the clock that runs away. The theory behind this clock is that after the alarm goes off it rolls off your nightstand and you have to get out of bed to chase it to turn it off. The result is your out of bed and in theory, awake. I would probably kill this clock the first morning I had it.

Clocky is available for $49.00 at A+R Store.

Picture from A+R Store.

And if money was no object, pick yourself up the Night Clock by George Nelson. If I was to own this clock, I would probably have to sleep on an air mattress with 50 thread count IKEA sheets to afford it. But a girl can dream.

The Night Clock is $411.95 at Lumens.

Picture from Lumens.

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