Sunday, October 26, 2008

A new addition

Ever since we moved into our house, we have been looking for a new dining room table. Our living/dining area is essentially one large room and could accommodate a pretty large dining table. After months of searching we finally found a table last March that we both could agree on. We decided on a custom built table from Bruce Marsh Designs in Brooklyn, NY. In August while we were in NYC for a wedding, we met with Bruce and picked out the wood, style, and dimensions of the table. The result is below.

This is the crate the table came in. The crate was so large it would not fit through our front door.

Here's the top of the table.

Wait, this is suspiciously looking like an IKEA project...

The legs are joined to the top of the table with the bolts you see above. Very simple and easy construction.

Grain detail of the table top.

The finished product! The table is 10 feet long and can sit up to 4 people per side. It is made out of solid walnut with a tung oil finish. The chairs are vintage Eames fiberglass shell chairs that I purchased on Craigslist.

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