Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cheap and Easy Modern Updates for Your Home

Here are four ways I updated my MCM home on the cheap:

1. Upgrade your house numbers

I purchased these numbers from Home Depot for less than 10 bucks each. They look very similar to the Neutra house numbers from DWR but I was able to purchase all four numbers for less than the price of one number at DWR.

2. New outdoor lighting

I do have to admit the Architect scored this light fixture for free from one of his lighting reps. But it does add some polish to an otherwise nondescript doorway and ties in nicely with the house numbers. Now if I could only get rid of the metal grating...

3. New indoor lighting

This light hangs in our entry way. It is the fl/y pendant lamp from Kartell. We purchased ours from Lights Fantastic here in Dallas but you can see the colors and purchase on line here. We got ours in sage to match our turquoise brick floor in the entryway and the turquoise tile of our fireplace. While the light is not exactly the cheapest around, compared to renovating your bathroom or kitchen, this is a nice instant gratification upgrade. An electrician put in both the interior and exterior lights and new light boxes for around $300. I do think we might have been overcharged, but it sure beat one of us electrocuting ourselves.

4. Get a new rug! I love Flor carpet squares. You can create any size rug you want. If one square gets dirty, you pick it up off the floor and rinse it off in your sink. If you get tired of them you can send the squares back to Flor and they will recycle them for you. We have a nice MCM mix of Toy Poodle squares in our living room.

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